Monday, 29 May 2017

Mobilo Fun!

Room 8 would like to say big thank you to the Otonga School Support Group for providing the funding for Mobilo sets to be bought for every Year 1 and 2 class in our school. Here we are having an awesome time making some amazing creations with the Mobilo in Room 8. Thanks so much from all of us!

Monday, 22 May 2017

Principal Award For Week 4!

Congratulations to Mia Bachmann who received our Room 8 Principal Award this week. Mia you always show Manakitanga to others and try your best at all your mahi. We are lucky to have you in Room 8, Ka Rawe!

Geyser Science!

Wow! what a great science lesson we had with our visitor Mr Billing last week! We learned all about the Pohutu Geyser at Te Puia. We talked about how a Geyser works and Mr Billing explained that scientists make a Hypothesis and then do Observations, Investigations and Experiments to try out their ideas. Mr Billing did an amazing experiment to show us how a Geyser works using a kettle that spurted steam and hot water out of the top just like a Geyser! We were amazed! Thank you so much Mr Billing for coming to all our Year One classes to help us learn more about Geysers.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Tihi Reserve

The Year One Team enjoyed our walk to Tihi Reserve this week. On the way there we practised our road safety skills; we walked on the side of the footpath away from the road and we remembered to look out for sneaky driveways. When crossing the road we remembered to stop, look and listen to check it was safe and then we crossed carefully looking both ways. It was a beautiful Autumn Day and we had fun looking at the autumn trees, exploring the tracks and finding treasures in the Reserve.

Principal's Award week 2!

This week Sarika Keshav was the proud recipient of the Room 8 principal's award. Sarika was awarded for her amazing leadership in Room 8. Sarika You are a great leader because you use your thinking mind and try your best in our class. You are always helpful and kind. Thank you for being a great role model! Room 8 is very lucky to have you.

Wheels Day!

What Great fun we had on our wheels!!