Thursday, 26 February 2015

Kei runga noa atu! The BEST class!

Wow, what a week for Room 8! We have had a special thank you from Mrs Woon, for our part in keeping the school clean and tidy, and we were also picked by the 'secret spy' at whole school assembly as THE BEST CLASS! This means we get to keep the keep the trophy in Room 8 for two weeks! Well done Room 8, you are all super amazing!

Three Bears Maths

Three Bears Maths on PhotoPeach

Art with Mrs Bright

Today, we were so lucky to have Mrs Bright in our class! She taught us how to make really cool crayon rubbings which are then dyed and left to dry. Mrs Bright has said that in a couple of weeks we will use the paper we made to create a huge Room 8 creature! This will be so exciting and we can't wait to see the final product. Thank you for spending the day with us Mrs Bright, we hope you enjoyed our class.

Writing Skills

This week, we have been learning to write interesting sentences. We are also discussing how important it is to make sure our capital letters and full stops are in the right places. The children know that we need a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence, and for names of places and people. This was our focus, and will continue to be a focus for us this term. A popular animation was shared with the children in which they were asked to recount in their own words. The name of the clip is 'Fugu' and I have added it below for the children to watch at home.


Excellent Writing Sample

Fugu was swimming in the water.
The chef saw Fugu. The chef was going to cook him.
Fugu tried to escape. But the chef caught him.
Fugu you are cool. I like you

By: Cohan Berge Room 8 (edited by Whaea Callie)

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

I.C.T Skills

Our class have been going to the I.C.T Suite to learn basic computer skills, safe internet navigation and typing skills. This includes using an iPad safely and correctly. Here are a few photos of Room 8 learning to be responsible with our digital equipment. Our children can already get to, and navigate through our Room 8 class blog from our school homepage. They even sing along with all of the waiata Whaea Sheena and I have embedded. What a great class!

 Jasmine and Ruby
 Dylan and Adelaide

Priyesh and Corbin

Maths and Measurement

Learning to Measure on PhotoPeach

Rubbish Duty

Today, we opted to pick up rubbish around the school to show respect for our environment. Room 8 did an amazing job! We collected two containers of rāpihi (rubbish) and sent a photo to Mrs Woon to show her just how awesome our class is. She was super proud of us, and came to thank us. Well done Room 8 for being helpful and responsible.

Cohan and Ridge - Room 8

Learning Muscles

Our Learning Muscles.

In Room 8, we practise using our learning muscles everyday. We know that if we use our learning muscles, we will be ready to learn. Not only do we know them in english, we can recite and understand them in māori too! We would like to share them with you, maybe you too can use some of these phrases at home!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Adelaide's Sunflower!

Wow look how big Adelaide's sunflower grew this summer. We started them off at school and then Adelaide did a fantastic job of caring for hers at home. This is her brother Nelson, who is in year 6, next to it to show us just how big it grew. Great job Adelaide!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Spelling - Word Walls

In Room 8, we have Word Walls that we work through to help us with our spelling. There are four walls that we need to get through. These will go home every second night for practice. Once the children are confident with a word, they can colour in the 'brick' on the wall. On completion, the next wall will be issued. We would really appreciate it if you can go over these with the children. I have added all four walls below so you can see the words we are working on.

Thank you for your support!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Tihi Reserve (Scavenger Hunt)

Today Room 8 went to Tihi Reserve to explore our backyard and see what we could find. We had an amazing time! A huge thank you to the adults who came along with us - we really appreciate your support, and the tamariki were so grateful. Check out our photos below to see some of the treasure we discovered.