Thursday, 26 February 2015

Writing Skills

This week, we have been learning to write interesting sentences. We are also discussing how important it is to make sure our capital letters and full stops are in the right places. The children know that we need a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence, and for names of places and people. This was our focus, and will continue to be a focus for us this term. A popular animation was shared with the children in which they were asked to recount in their own words. The name of the clip is 'Fugu' and I have added it below for the children to watch at home.


Excellent Writing Sample

Fugu was swimming in the water.
The chef saw Fugu. The chef was going to cook him.
Fugu tried to escape. But the chef caught him.
Fugu you are cool. I like you

By: Cohan Berge Room 8 (edited by Whaea Callie)

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  1. Cohan this is awesome......I watched the film too! Fugu is cool just like you....mum x