Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Book Week Parade!

Wow! we looked amazing all dressed up on Monday. We had an awesome parade in the hall with all the other year one classes. After morning tea Aunty Bea came to share some stories and songs with us and after lunch Mrs Weir came and read us a special story. This was a great start to our celebrations of Worlds Apart Book Week. This week we are  learning all about the author Lynley Dodd and her all her well loved animal characters.


  1. How fabulous to be able to dress up and to imagine what it is like to be a different character for a day. I wonder if you felt stronger? Braver? More powerful?
    Were you sad to take off your special costume at the end of the day?

  2. This was such a fun day for us all, thanks for making it so special Room 8