Sunday, 3 July 2016

Matariki Feast


Room 8 had a Matariki celebration to welcome the Māori New Year. We did lots of learning about the stars, the sisters, the kites and some of the things people do at Matariki time. We talked about how people use this time to plant vegetables, and spend special time with whānau. Thank you to all of our whānau that came to our celebration and gave some kai to share at the feast. We had a great day!

We also made a Matariki korowai (cloak) that helps us remember the names of the stars, and gives an idea of some traditional Māori clothing. We all decorated a feather (or two) each and all contributed to this wonderful piece of art! Furthermore, we all wrote a special Matariki story which we have made into our own Room 8 book about Matariki time. You are welcome to come and read our book anytime!


Ka Rawe Amazing Room 8!

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