Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Keeping Ourselves Safe (KOS)

Today, Room 8 launched into our KOS learning. We discussed how all the children are UNIQUE and that there are many special things about everyone that make them so special and unique. We discussed how families are unique. We talked about the importance of knowing where we live, and knowing our adults phone number - in case we are ever lost or unsafe. The children have a homework sheet to complete this week (with your help) that will help them to learn these important details. Please do this with the children and return to school.

Constable Viv came to our class this afternoon and we talked about what to do when we are lost, or scared. She had some fun videos to help with different scenario examples and we discussed safe areas, and safe people to ask for help if in need. We then discussed 'feelings' and looked at different pictures that show our feelings ie, happy, sad, angry. Constable Viv then taught us the correct names of our body parts.

Please follow up at home with the children and share in the discussions :) It was lovely having Constable Viv in our class!

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  1. Great photos Room 8. Constable Viv is awesome isn't she
    Mrs Peterson