Friday, 5 February 2016

Early Writing Goals and Ideas

Writing and Oral Language: Our class take advantage of the many direct links between oral language and writing skills, and generally intertwine the two areas to give meaning and context to support our young authors. Visual planning also contributes to the process of developing a piece of writing, to show the impact images have and helps immensely towards stimulating writing ideas and details. We encourage regular writing experiences at home to foster this learning. Anything such as: Shopping lists, letters to family, diary time (10 min), or handwriting skills will help hugely towards your child's confidence and skill base. Below are some of our early writing goals that can be practiced at home.

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  1. We so appreciate our families helping at home. Most especially in the early years when there is so much to learn. A good strong start has benefits for many years to come. Thank you parents for helping us to help your child to a life time of learning.