Thursday, 4 February 2016

We Love Owls!

In Room 8 our class mascots are two owls called Oola and Aunty Ruru. Today in Room 8 we have been learning about owls. We read an owl poem, listened to a song with facts about owls (look out for this on our waiata page). Then we each made an owl collage, with shiny eyes to see in the dark, feathers, beaks and talons! You are welcome to come and look at our owl collages hanging up in our class. You can read the poem and see us working hard in the photos below...


  1. I am very impressed Room 8, your Owls are fantastic. You all look like you were busy and taking lots of care. Mrs Donlon

  2. It's so lovely to see Tom and his classmates so engaged with their owl collages. I will come and have a look this week.

  3. Wow what hard work Room 8. I love owls too