Sunday, 26 April 2015

ANZAC Day 2015

In Room 8, we have been learning about ANZAC Day, and showing our respect for the people that went to war. We have made poppies to wear, and listened to stories all about ANZAC. Some of us attended the early morning dawn parade, and just like in our story - we had to wake up early, dress really warm, and go along with our families to show our respect, and remember those soldiers that fought for us. This ANZAC Day was extra special, as it is the 100th year since the war. We felt proud of the soldiers, and wanted to learn all about their experiences.

This is one video we watched about Poppies. . .

The Last Post - some of us heard this on ANZAC Day at the parade

A photo Whaea Callie took at the Dawn Parade at Ohinemutu

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