Sunday, 26 April 2015

Studyladder Reading

As you know, we will be learning about Studyladder in Room 8 this term and next. We are doing this to help with reading, in conjunction with our usual reading programme. These activities are designed to consolidate what we are learning in class, and reinforce our word recognition, and reading comprehension. This is a partnership between home and school, and in order for this to be successful, we will need to work together to support the children in not only their Studyladder tasks, but their access and navigation through the online forum.

Other benefits Include:
  • Learning about internet safety - ensuring that the children understand the risks and importance of digital citizenship
  • Preparation for E-learning classes in years to come (year 3 at Otonga)
  • Fun and interactive activities that are targeted to the childrens' needs
With all new initiatives, we are aware that there will be a 'getting used to' period for children and whānau alike. Please do persevere with this, and see us if you have any questions or concerns.

Our main objective is to improve reading levels right across Room 8, and we would really appreciate your support with this initiative.

Callie and Sheena.

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